About Rebecca

The Beginning

Rebecca Total Wellbeing began when Rebecca Li discovered the tremendous benefits of an integrative approach to health and wellbeing; one which equally cares for the body, mind and soul, embracing these different aspects that make us uniquely human.

Since then, RTW has grown to provide the most comprehensive wellness system available.  With over 50 years of collective experience, Rebecca creates custom-made, one-on-one personal programs to enhance the quality of your life.


Rebecca has lived in New York, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Beijing, Bangkok, Paris, Milan, and London. As noted by ELLE's magazine writer Lulu, she is looked up to as a life style icon in China today.

With more than twenty years of experience in the sports and dance industries, and having worked with many of the world's top trainers, nutritionists, fashion designers, and Tao Masters, Rebecca is cherished for her exceptional training system and wellness programs. She holds a Master's Degree of Science with a focus in Kinesiology and modern dance, and is also a certified family coach, lifestyle consultant and nutritional counselor.

A transcontinental icon

As a transcontinental fashion & lifestyle icon, Rebecca has received numerous awards.  She was named by Insider Magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential Women” in China.

In addition, she won the award for “Best Dressed Person in Beijing” at the opening ceremony for SOHO CHINA, a fashion event sponsored by Valentino and Bvlgari.  She's been featured in major magazines such as China Vogue, Elle, Beijing Tattler, Trends Health, LUXE, Trends Home and Bazaar. With Rebecca's fashion sense and focus on wellness, she truly embodies the guiding principle of her company: “Health is wealth.”

Rebecca LI's Business Background


Rebecca worked in investment banking for more than 30 years, enjoying success in the worlds of both business and wellness. She currently serves as the head of Global Principal Partners’ rebar mill project, and in this role, Ms. Li interacts with local and state government entities in the United States.  She also works with capital providers supporting the project.

Prior to assuming her current role in 2020, Ms. Li promoted Global Principal Partners throughout China where she earned the reputation as a trusted adviser to several high-profile state-owned and private Chinese steel companies.  After founding Global Principal Partners in 2003, Rebecca became integral to virtually all of GPP’s high-profile greenfield mini mill projects. In August of 2019, she was featured in Forbes magazine.

Recently, Rebecca’s most successful investment project was Big River Steel in Arkansas, making their organization home to America's cleanest and fastest-growing steelmaker.  Investment in the project yielded a 300% gain in only 3 years. The BRS facility is now positioned to become one of the world’s most energy efficient steel production facilities. 

Other areas of study & experience

Psychology (various schools)



Yi Tai Ji 

Osho Breathing Techniques

Tao & Tantra (studied with renown masters)

Zen Flow (her own integrated system, Est. 1999)