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Our appearance, the “mirror of the soul”, and our wellbeing influence one another. People who look fresh and attractive appear to be more confident and dynamic.

Rebecca’s innovative approach to wellness focuses equally on outer beauty, inner health, peace of mind and passion for life. Her collection of services synergize to achieve maximum results with the least amount of effort. From the zero-impact toning & conditioning system—Chan Rou, Nutritional Counseling and exclusive Golden Needle Alchemy, to Life Coaching and Fresh Cell Therapy, Rebecca offers her members a state-of-the-art wellness approach that cultivates a healthier, more balanced, and beautifully passionate lifestyle.

Rebecca’s tailor-made approach to total wellbeing is derived as much from insight into the human condition as it is an expression and testimony to art & beauty. Everything begins with beauty: nature and people, body and mind, all share their roots in beauty… as displayed by simplicity, serenity, harmony, purity, subtlety, sensuality, creativity and flow. Beauty is the motion of fluidity; fluidity is the creative impetus of evolution.

choose the tranquil oasis right for you

beijing, China


Join Rebecca at Life Infinity - Yintai Center, Park Hyatt Hotel in the heart of Beijing.  Our facility is a great escape from the stress and noise of the city. 

Chiang mai, Thailand


Escape the static and stress of your busy life! Enjoy our pristine estate with no street noise, clean air and water, 2 swimming pools, and much more!